Fun Cookery classes in Brighton & Hove

Mess2Chefs is an innovative local group in Brighton & Hove that takes children and adults from 'Mess' to 'Chefs' by letting them PrepareCook Enjoy their own two-course meal in a fun environment. 

All of our courses are prepared and taught by a fully qualified chef & teacher using safety kitchen appliances and utensils, so it's real skills being taught by a trained teacher in a safe environment.

Mess2Chefs aims to:

  • Teach independence & practical life skills
  • Develop an interest in different types of foods
  • Build a knowledge of food & healthy eating
  • Encourage friendships, respect, patience & table manners

We run cookery classes for people of all ages including helping young adults prepare to leave the nest, particularly when heading off to university.  We also get asked to provide bespoke classes to help people develop their own cooking skills or just for families and friends to have a fun time together, so please explore the options below as we're sure you'll find something to suit.  

As a 'Change 4 Life' partner organisation, building healthy attitudes to food is central to what we do.  We don't push particular food preferences or diets, but instead we focus on a balanced and enjoyable diet.

Being a Brighton & Hove business, we obviously enjoy providing activities to hen and stag parties where the emphasis is perhaps more on the fun than the food....but you still get to cook and enjoy a wonderful meal to prepare you for your evening activities.

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Mess2Chefs Cookery School Brighton & Hove, 38 Old Shoreham Road, Brighton & Hove, BN3 6FG